Ceramic and cast iron teapots from Japan

Ceramic and cast iron teapots from Japan There are 10 products.

The Japanese serve their tea with teapots made of cast iron, ceramic or clay. The classic Japanese teapot is quite small, less than one ½ litre, made of clay or porcelain with a small handle for easy handling and a filter integrated.


  • Japanese tokoname teapots

    Find our selection of tokoname earthenware teapots painted by hand according to traditional Japanese models.

  • Japanese tea set

    Tea sets usually include a teapot and two cups, they can be ceramic or cast iron.

  • Japanese kettles

    Japanese cast iron kettles, ideal for heating the water for your infusions.

  • Japanese ceramic teapots

    Ceramic teapots are often decorated with floral motifs: light and delicate, they are also popular for decorating a table.

  • Japanese cast iron teapots

    Cast iron teapots are essential in Japanese cuisine: they allow tea to be infused and kept for a long time at the right temperature.

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items