Around tea

Find here all our products for the tea ceremony or simply to keep or drink it.


Matcha, Sencha, Bancha, Kukicha, Konacha, Hôjicha, Genmaicha. Discover our range of quality green teas from Japan.


Our selection of cast iron kettles imported from Japan, ideal for preserving the heat of your water once brought to a boil.

Tea services

Our selection of Japanese tea sets for the pleasure of entertaining and sharing.

Cast iron teapots

Discover our range of Japanese cast iron teapots. Refined and authentic, these teapots will perfectly decorate your table in addition to preserving the heat of your infusion as well as possible.

Ceramic Teapots

Our selection of beautifully decorated Japanese ceramic teapots to enhance your tables and interior decoration.

Tokoname teapots

Precious and authentic Japanese Tokoname teapots with such a special shape that we have specially brought from Japan.


Our selection of Japanese mugs with traditional patterns imported from Japan.

The cups

Our selection of traditional Japanese tea cups. They will delight your table and your guests in all circumstances.

Cup Sets

Discover our sets of Japanese cups. Duo, trio, by four or by five, these sets of assorted mugs are perfect to offer or have an assorted service.

Ceremonial bowls

Our selection of precious Japanese bowls used for the traditional tea ceremony.

The spoons

Find here our range of spoons and wood or ceramic. To accompany your teas or the Wagashi pastries that accompany them.

Tea Boxes

Our Japanese tea boxes, decorative and useful for storing tea or any other dry food.