Japanese tableware

Find here all our Japanese tableware products. Set up an elegant and refined complete table.

Rice Bowls

Find our selection of rice bowls from Japan. For everyone, chic or colorful, you will find the bowl to your taste for an authentic Japanese table.

Miso Soup Bowls

Our miso soup bowls, mainly in wood or resin, covered or not, they will be perfect to complete the table of a typical Japanese meal.

Donburi bowls

Our range of bowls with lid. Perfect for retaining heat for longer when serving. Ideal for dishes such as Donburi, a dish made with rice and meats and vegetables.


Discover our bowls straight from Japan. Medium in size, they are ideal for soups and other small dishes.

Ramen bowls

Our selection of large Japanese large bowls. Mainly used for the famous Ramen or dishes based on broths or sauces.

Bowl Sets

Find here our matching bowl sets, perfect to offer or to complete your table collection.

Square Plates

Find here our range of Japanese square plates for a chic and authentic table.

Round Plates

Our plates imported straight from Japan. They will delight your table and give it a worked aesthetic.

Plates sets

Our range of matching plate sets. Perfect for a collection or as a gift.

Sushi Plates

Discover our selection of Japanese rectangular plates. Perfect for displaying sushi and maki, as well as allowing you to perfect your presentations.

Kaiseki dishes

Our range of small Kaiseki dishes, these small dishes are used for sauces, desserts or other small presentations. These dishes add character to your table.

Soba Noodle Cups

Discover the typical Japanese Soba noodle cups. These cups allow you to soak the noodles in the young egg or in the sauce while avoiding any overflow.

Chawan Mushi Bowls

Discover the chawanmushi bowls, mainly used for custards. They allow you to keep your desserts in the best conditions while participating in your table decoration.


Our selection of glasses from Japan, perfect to offer or to dress your table with a certain refinement.