Grocery store

Find here all our typical products of Japanese gastronomy.


Round rice from Japan, precooked rice, discover our entire range of rice and some seasonings to spice them up.

Noodles & Ramen

Find our ramen cup noodles, a quick meal from Japan, you will also find Japanese Udons, Ramen and Soba to prepare yourself.

Soups & Miso

Discover our miso pasta here to make your own miso soups. As well as our prepared miso soup.


Find here our nori seaweed to make your makis, wakame for miso soup and other seaweed to enhance your dishes.


Discover our more or less firm tofus, to eat plain, seasoned or to fry.


Our range of curry roux to prepare your tasty Japanese curries.

Sauces & Seasonings

Our selection of various Japanese sauces and seasonings to enhance your Japanese-style vegetables, meat and fish.


Discover wasabi, Japanese mustard or even ginger to spice up your dishes.


Our Japanese appetizers, discover the typical Japanese crackers. Edamame, sriracha peas, rice crackers, etc. They will brighten up and bring originality to your receptions.

Sweets & Cakes

Discover Japanese sweets, original and not too sweet.

Drinks & Sodas

Find here our Japanese drinks such as the famous Ramune lemonades, or other light and fruity sodas.