cooking tools

Find our essential Japanese cooking utensils. Knives, Chopsticks, Suribachi, etc.


Find our collection of chopsticks for a beautiful table decoration and better enjoy your meals.

Chopsticks Sets

Our sets of chopsticks, in pairs or accompanied by a spoon, take advantage of our magnificent lots.

Chopsticks Holders

Discover our chopsticks holders, they will provide decoration and prevent possible stains when you put your chopsticks back.


Our range of Japanese knives with such fine and special quality.


Find our Maekake aprons that will protect you when you cut your meats, vegetables and fish.


The famous bento lunch boxes, more or less large, find here our entire collection of bento to take your meals with you.

Wooden Utensils

Find our Japanese wooden utensils, steamer boxes, bamboo rolls to make your maki and other utensils from Japan.


Our selection of Japanese Suribachi and the accompanying drumsticks.


Find here our sets of Japanese sauciers with the dish to accommodate the fried tempura and fish sashimi and the small assorted container for the sauce.


Discover the Japanese Donabe pots. They will allow you to heat your dishes in a homogeneous way simply and efficiently.


Quality pots and pans from Japan. You will also find the famous square pans for Japanese omelets.


Explore our range of Japanese grills, allowing ideal cooking and bringing out all the flavor of meat, vegetables, or even fish.


Find our selection of Japanese trays, useful and decorative you can use them to dress your sushi, makis and sashimi or even serve tea.


Discover the Japanese placemats, they can ideally decorate your table and protect it at the same time.


Here you will find our trivets straight from Japan, they will protect your table in addition to complementing the tea sets.


Discover our range of beautiful coasters that are both decorative and useful, they will protect your table by adding a certain refinement to it.