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japanese Cast Iron Teapots IWACHU, arare, red, 0.55 lt


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Japanese teapot cast iron, IWACHU ARARE 0,55lt, made in Japan

sold with a metal filter

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Japanese teapot cast iron, IWACHU ARARE 0,55lt, made in Japan
Cast iron keeps heat longer than other materials without spreading to the handle. All lovers say it, a cast iron container is the best material to prepare and brew tea.

1. before using your teapot for the first time :
- thoroughly rinse the teapot with hot water
- while the pot is still warm,dry the teapot inside and out with a dry cloth
- then leave the teapot so the inside is well aired
2. when using your teapot always note the following :
- never heat over a naked flame
- when using a hotplate,keep at a low temperature
- never use in a microwave oven
- do not use any washing-up product to clean the teapot,use clean water ONLY
- do not leave any tea or water in the pot and dry thoroughly after each time you use it
- always wipe the outside with a dry cloth while the pot is still warm
- avoid contact with salt or oil
- never suddenly cool the teapot when it is still warm
- the inside of the teapot is glazed,so choose kitchen utensils that do not scratch the glaze.
By doing so you will be assured years of enjoyment from this teapot.





capacity :0,55 lt
Composition :Cast Iron
Styles :arare
packing :Packaged in a cardboard box
Product origin :made in Japan
Couleur :blue

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