Organic Soft Tofu, MORI-NU, 340 g


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Organic Soft Tofu, MORI-NU, 340 g

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Energy197KJ / 47 Kcal
Fat2.5 g
Carbohydrates0.6 g
wich Sugars0.6g
RetentionCe tofu mou doit être conservé au sec et au frais : aucune réfrigération avant ouverture ! Une fois ouvert, placez les portions de tofu mou soyeux non utilisées au réfrigérateur. Conservez les dans un un récipient hermétique de préférence. A consommer d

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Organic Soft Tofu, MORI-NU, 340 g

Ingredients: Water, soya beans* 14.9%, acidity regulator E575, firming agent E509. * From organic farming (Standard: US-ORG-042 Non-EU Agriculture).

Kinu Tofu, also called Silken Tofu (it has a smooth and creamy consistency) excellent alternative to eggs and milk. Without preservatives, lactose and gluten free.

Tofu 豆腐 is to Japan what cheese is to France: a food appreciated and consumed by many connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine.Tofu is a very dietary food: it is rich in vegetable proteins, cholesterol-free and low in fat. It is therefore a very popular meat substitute, excellent for vegetarian dishes. Prepare it as a soy steak, mixing it with vegetables and enjoy!A product based on soy, water and a coagulant, silken tofu (kinugoshi dôfu in Japanese) does not contain lactose or gluten, but is not suitable for people intolerant to soy.The soft and creamy texture of this organic Japanese soft Tofu allows it to replace eggs and milk, making it the ideal ingredient for smoothies, sauces, yogurts, cakes, flans or mayonnaise. You can easily use it instead of cheese, cream and milk: adopt it in your pastries!This long-life brick tofu is produced without preservatives or GMOs.

Preparation tips:

Discard the water contained in the container. For firm tofu, drain the tofu by pressing it, without crushing it, to eliminate the absorbed water.

Once the tofu has been opened, keep it in the refrigerator, covered with water (to be changed every day before use) in an airtight container. It can be stored for up to 5 days after opening.


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Organic Soft Tofu, MORI-NU, 340 g

Organic Soft Tofu, MORI-NU, 340 g

Organic Soft Tofu, MORI-NU, 340 g